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Types of Roulette online in American BTC casinos

As well as most other casino games Roulette has many various types. They can be divided into classical and modern versions. The first group includes European, American, and French Roulettes. Modern types are more diverse. There are more than ten types in this category. The most widespread of them are Bull, Mini, and Card Roulette. Moreover, modern BTC casino soft providers offer online versions of this game with various bonuses. However, statistics shows that most crypto casino buffs are close fans of classical Roulette. By a large margin they prefer the following traditional types:

  • American Roulette. This is the most spread and popular version the US crypto casinos.  Its main difference is in Double Zero pocket. On one hand it reduces player’s chances, on the other hand — it makes the gaming process more diverse. Moreover, numbers on American Roulette are placed in pairs which are opposite to each other.
  • European Roulette. The second place in popularity is taken by this type of the game. European version offers 37 pockets (divisions with numbers) including one Zero pocket. Special bets, such as Series 5/6, Orphelins, and others are available too (it is interesting that these track betting is taken from original French version of the game).
  • French Roulette. The third position of this kind is hard to explain. Most likely this is due to the fact that not all players know that French version provides the lowest casino advantage (only 1.35%). A deterrent factor here is French language design that is not close to most customers as English. Moreover, American casino buffs are great patriots. This is the only explanation of the first position of American Roulette with the highest casino advantage among three versions.
  • Classical types of Roulette in the USA BTC casinos were and remain the most popular. However, many new versions of the game are in great demand too. Choosing best online crypto gambling websites you will find both types and will select the most interesting versions due to you preferences.

Of course, pokies are out of competition — this kind of casino games is the most popular. However, Roulette is of great demand in American gambling websites too. Experts believe that this is largely due to the high popularity of the game in offline casinos of 20th century. This is a review of this popular game which is now present in most TOP US crypto casinos.

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